Who we are

Our website address is: https://bestwhiskeyonlineshop.com

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

BEST WHISKY ONLINE SHOP stores and process the following personal data during an order placement:

Billing details: First name, Last name, Country, Street address, Town/City, State/County, Postcode/ZIP, Phone and Email address.

Shipping details (if selected by the user as being different than the billing details): First name, Last name, Country, Street address, Town/City, State/County, Postcode/ZIP, Order notes.

The above mentioned data are stored inside this present system, attached to your order’s data (Product Information, Product Code, Product Quantities, Product Price, Payment type, Total), with the purpose of handling and processing the trade exchange i.e. your order (products for money), meaning delivering to you the product(s) you ordered.

You may choose (by clicking the respected checkbox during the Checkout procedure) to create an account. This means that you consent for the system to store the provided by you data (Billing & Shipping details). The purpose of storing this data in an account is to provide you with a more easy procedure while placing an order, by having your details already stored for you and ready to use i.e. you will not have to type them each time from scratch. From your account page (“My Account” Menu Link) you are able to view all the orders you placed, all the data we stored about you and to edit those data. No more data except those you provided are collected or stored from other sources. All of the above mentioned personal data are necessary for the described purposes and are only processed in order to contact you and to deliver your ordered products to you, via a courier service provider. To have all your data deleted (all above mentioned plus your orders’ history), to restrict your data processing, or to edit/complete any given data in case you didn’t created an account, or to ask for a copy of your data stored by BEST WHISKY ONLINE SHOP please send a message to the following email address: info@bestwhiskeyonlineshop.com BEST WHISKY ONLINE SHOP will fulfill your request without any unreasonable delay.

General Information for your Personal Data:

  • The data controller as well as the data processor is BEST WHISKY ONLINE SHOP .
  • This information (your personal data) is kept confidential and will not be sent, disseminated, shared or given to any other organization, person, company or any other entity beside BEST WHISKY ONLINE SHOP and the courier company delivering your orders.
  • The lawful basis on which the data collection and processing is functioning is performance of a contract.