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18 Year Old Japanese Whisky 700mL

Yamazaki Whisky is the most widely consumed single malt whisky in Japan. Yamazaki is Suntory's premier single malt, with multi-layered fruit and Mizunara characteristics. Yamazaki 18 Year Old is full of rich fall fruit on the palate, with notes of blackberry, strawberry, and dark chocolate, as well as a long, peppery, and smooth finish.

20 Year Old Speyside Cognac Finish Whisky Works

This bottling from Whisky Works hails from an undisclosed now-silent Speyside distillery. Seeing as we know that this single malt was distilled in September 1998, and was one of the final production runs before the distillery closed, we might be able to work out where it came from... Of its two decades of ageing, most of it was spent in American white oak, though it was treated to a finish in Cognac barriques for seven months before bottling. The finishing casks previously held Cognac which was also distilled in 1998, from the Bourgoin Estate in southwest France. A limited 1,618 bottles were released at 47.1% ABV.

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Feast your eyes on this splendid set from Aberfeldy, including a bottle of its marvellous 12 Year Old single malt, accompanied by an extremely handsome tin, shaped like a gold bar! It'll make an ace gift for a Highland whisky fan, and that tin will mean you have less of a challenge with wrapping it too.  

Aberfeldy 18 Year Old – Pauillac French Wine Cask Finish

Part of Tomatin's French Collection, which was launched in mid-2021 and explores a variety of cask finishes featuring French wines and spirits, this 12 year old single malt has enjoyed a slumber in casks that previously held Monbazillac. It's a type of sweet wine produced in south west France, and it has imparted plenty of ripe fruit notes alongside subtly chocolatey notes to this expression.
Brand Aberfeldy
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Country Scotland
Region Highland
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 43%
Age 18 Year Old
Varietal Single Malt

Aberfeldy 1991 – 28 Year Old – Single Cask Nation

A whopping twenty-eight years spend in a bourbon hogshead provides this Aberfeldy with plenty of floral complexity, and a hint of vanilla cream and cereal in the mouth. It was bottled in 2020 by Single Cask Nation, and limited to just 193.
Brand Aberfeldy
Bottler Single Cask Nation
Country Scotland
Region Highland
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 42.7%
Vintage 1991
Age 28 Year Old
Varietal Single Malt

Aberfeldy 20 Year Old – 1988 – Exceptional Cask Series

A wonderful 20 Year Old Aberfeldy, bottled from a vatting of seven casks for the Exceptional Cask Series. It was set down to age in April 1998, and in January 2014 the single malt was transferred into a first fill sherry cask. There it remained until it was bottled just a month before its 21st birthday, in March 2019. A limited outturn of 3,600 bottles at 43% ABV.
Brand Aberfeldy
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Recommendations For Dad
Country Scotland
Region Highland
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 43%
Vintage 1998
Age 20 Year Old
Varietal Single Malt

Aberlour 1988 – 31 Year Old – Octave Premium

This marvellously well-aged single malt from Linkwood was distilled back in 1989 and filled into a single oak cask, where it remained for the next 31 years! After a finishing period in a smaller octave cask, the whisky was bottled up in 2020 by indie bottler Duncan Taylor for The Octave collection, with a total outturn of 99 bottles.
Brand Aberlour
Bottler Duncan Taylor
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 49%
Vintage 1988
Age 31 Year Old
Varietal Single Malt

Bimber Single Cask #93 – Virgin Cask – LMDW

Bimber Single Virgin Cask #93 / LMDW The founders of London's Bimber distillery, Dariusz and Ewelina, moved from Poland to the UK in 2003, opening their distillery in the Park Royal area of west London twelve years later. Plazewski inherited his passion for whisky from his grandfather, who also distilled his own spirits. The company’s first casks were laid down on the 26th May 2016, and three years later they released their first single malt in September 2019. This became the first whisky to be distilled and bottled in London for over a century. The distillery carries a “farm-to-bottle” approach by sourcing 100% of its barley from a single producer and using traditional floor maltings and slow fermentation techniques. Distillation takes place via a 1,000-litre wash still and a 600-litre spirit still that were both crafted by Hoga of Spain. A single cask release from London's Bimber distillery. Exceptional Quality Single virgin cask #93 was bottled in September 2020, yielding 257 bottles. Bottled exclusively for La Maison Du Whisky.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon – Japanese Edition – Maroon Box

Blanton’s Black Label, a special Japanese exclusive bottled at 40% ABV rather than Original’s 46.5%. This is effectively the Japanese version of the export-only Green Label We pack Blanton's very very well, but due to the high proof, large cork & stopper, and very thin wax, bottles can leak and wax can crack due to movement or temperature changes- No claim can be lodged against cap & seal failure/leakage in transit.
Brand Blanton's
Country USA
Region Kentucky
Size 75cl
ABV / Strength 46.5%
Varietal Straight Bourbon

Blended Japanese Whisky

The Nikka Tailored blend brings together malted barley from Honshū and Hokkaidō. There’s plenty of white-fleshed fruit notes in the nose, giving way to dark chocolate bitterness and tangy citrus in the palate. The finish is rich in toasty vanilla.
Brand Nikka
Country Japan
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 43%
Varietal Blended Whisky

Bonded Beam 1938

In 1943, Bonded Beam was released in a big bottle. The phrase "bonded" initially referred to the laws that governed the warehouses where whiskey was aged, but it has since come to refer to 100 proof whiskey (or 50 percent ABV).

Booker Kentucky Straight

This 30th Anniversary Limited Edition bourbon is a blend of uncut, unfiltered 9-year (70%) and 16-year (30%) Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys.