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Four Roses Small Batch Select (75cl, 52%)


Four Roses Small Select Bottling Note

Four Roses Small Batch Select is the first permanent addition to the range made with Brent Elliott as the Four Roses master distiller, bringing together six of the brand's ten recipes. If you're a Four Roses enthusiast and curious about which specific recipes, it's the OBSV, OESV, OBSK, OESK, OBSF, and OESF recipes. If you're a little unfamiliar with Four Roses and you're looking at all those letters with a quizzical expression upon your face, know that they mean Four Roses created this one using two of its mash bills as well as a combination of yeast strains. Weighing in at 52% ABV, this expression shows off a fruit-forward side of Four Roses' bourbon, alongside classic vanilla richness and warming woody notes.